• 20th century
  • Alive
  • Unknown

  • Male
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  • Unknown

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  • Crying Wolf

Stevie was a young werewolf who came from Florida and was a member of Jules' Pack.

Throughout The SeriesEdit

Season TwoEdit

Arriving to Mystic Falls, he helped his friend Jules capture Damon Salvatore to try and find the Moonstone. He spent most of the day torturing Damon to get information out of him, but that was when Elijah, an original vampire, arrived and slaughtered the entire pack. After Jules abandoned him, Stevie covered his face with his hoodie in fear and kneeled down knowing any form of resistance would be pointless. However, Elijah let him go and warned him that if he ever comes back, he will suffer the same fate as the other wolves he slaughtered. Stevie fled Mystic Falls and was never seen again.


Stevie is the Greek and English origin and the meaning is "crown garland".


Season 2


  • He was the second character to kill Alaric, the first being Damon.

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