The Dark One
Born Jurassic Period
Status Immortal
Occupation Cult Leader

Species Pure Blood
Gender Male
Family members The Pure Bloods

Significant kills The Genocide of the Witches in New York

"I honestly don't know how you can stand it Jeremiah I mean these humans are nauseating and these tainted impure abominations called Originals are insufferable. To which I must ask how do go about mingling with these... things without killing yourself?"- The Dark One discussing with Jeremiah the sentient beings of the present...

The Dark One is a Pure Blood and a personally enemy of Jeremiah he is the Supernatural leader of New York City. He first emerged with the rest of his kind when the dropping of the veil created a tear in the dimension that imprisoned him and his fellow Ancient Ones. He is also a powerful comrad of Azrael. He is also responsible for a supernatural plague that killed every witch in New York City.

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