Under the full moon in the Mystic Falls cemetary a beautiful woman was standing in a circle with strang symbols in it. There was also dead bodies within the circle. From the woods three men came out and approached the witch. The one in the middle looked quite young and boyish looking, it was Mal-El along with Kol and Finn.

"It was quite hard finding where you would be located. I had to find out what type of ring you were using, and imagine my horror when I learned it was the Annulo defunctorum". Mal-El looked around and noticed their was a protective circle to keep them out.

"I didn't think nobody would find me here, I'm impressed. Let see we have two vampires and a werewolf, working together now thats amazing", the woman said. "I can't kill the vamps but you would be much easier. She pulled out a gun and fired fired at Mal-El. He moved at mind blowing speeds to avoid being shot.

"What is that circle, what is she doing?", Finn asked.

"Its a spell, but no ordinary spell. She is performing the Zombie Creation Spell".

"Zombies?, that's pathetic", Kol said.

"You underestimate zombies, well in modern media they are portrayed as fools who want to eat brains. But from I learned they kill vampires and werewolves with a single bite. With that ring she has on her finger they are much more powerful than you realize", Mal-El explained.

"So you know the spell", she said.

"I heard some things about, just never thought it was real. Why perform the spell?".

"I'm preparing for the arrival of a friend". Before they could do something the dead bodies began to rise and crave living flesh. Mal-El was able to bring down the barrier and shoot a fire ball at her. When the smoke cleared she and the zombies were gone.

"Who was she?", Finn said.

"The Huntress".

The Raging Dead

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