The In-Between

Also Known As:



Spirit realm for evil souls




The In-Between also known as Hell is the realm where the damned go.


When or how the In-Between was created is unknown. The In-Between is a realm where the evil human souls go after death. Thousands of years ago the witch Gaia along side the Primordials faced the inhabitants of the In-Between known as wraiths, known more commonly as demons. In the aftermath of the battle Gaia sealed the creatures away using an extremely powerful form of magic.


When a soul enters the In-Between they are tortured with their greatest fears until they lose their sanity and then their humainty. Inside it dark filled with the screams of the damned. It changes in appearence to cause more and more fear.


  • Wraiths - They are the natives of this world.
  • Starrk - He was banished to this world when he was sealed by the Original Coven.                                               
Falling into hell

Souls entering the In-Between

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