Haydens POVEdit

Hayden stood next to his new friends, Mal-El and Jonathan they were both good guys but something was off about the vibe they let on, Mal-El felt calm and Hayden felt it while Jonathan felt like burning in rage. The clerk working screamed, " NEXTTT!! " , Mal-El stepped up and ordered the new smoothie than went on. " I will take the Lemony-Kiwi icey and a Donut if you will " ,Jonathan kept going than Hayden walked up and got ready to order, " I'll have a strawberry-banna smoothie with the vanilla whip cream inside and on top " , I walked down and saw that they both had already started eating. Jonathan was just finishing his Donut when an explosion erupted from the counter and a young man was walking slowly toward the door. Mal-El stood up and than raced to the door quick. " Kol, stop trying to blow up a bunch of humans or I swear I will kill you understand " , Kol threw a punch but Mal-El stopped it and than threw him outside the door with tremendous strength, Mal-El picked him up and then took off. Hayden and Jonathan raced after him when they stopped to see him all eyes glowing and than I threw up not believing that my friend was a werewolf. He was sitting over me when I woke up, " Get the Hell away from me NOW! " , Mal-El looked collected and said, " Nope, cause you aren't human matter of fact me and you are key to destroying the Primordial werewolves and vampires, You are more powerful than Silas and Starrk is your equal so that means with my powers we will win " , Hayden looked horrified but remembered that weird old lady telling him to hide the four rings he had somewhere safe. " Mal-El a few days ago a old lady gave me four rings and said you'll know when to use it when the time is right " , Mal-El smiled than reached for the ring but a blur flashed and grabbed them a young man with black hair and short was standing there his skin was reptillian like and he had snake eyes. He took off leaving Jonathan, Mal- El and Hayden confused.

Darren's POVEdit

Darren now had the rings and was walking toward the tomb of Starrk his descandant or father in a way though in power they matched each-other with his help, Darren could rid himself of the young boy who would turn out stronger than himself and the rest of the group would come and they would indeed take over Mystic Falls but not if Lucius Menes and Starrk stopped the boy now. He approached the grave of Starrk and placed the rings on the grave and the witch came and they started the ritual.

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