As he stood Darren felt Starrk rising and knew that with him waking the new threat would have to be taken down with force. " Rise Starrk and destroy the Abominations " , The dirt was their and than he grabbed some dirt and threw them than kept throwing until he grabbed his shovel and lifted it out and slowly opened it seeing the body of a middle-aged man still handsome but old. Starrk's eyes flew open and he came out of the grave than Darren growled and tried to kill Starrk, but mid air Starrk stopped his fists and than snapped his wrist and hopped out.

Though no longer burried Starrk is still weakened and can never 'truly' leave his prison. "Gaia you wretched whore even in death you find ways to infuriate me". Starrk looks at Darren and sees a possible key to his 'true' escape from his prison. "You are a kanima and you seem to be immortal, I remember when your race first came to be about. You are able to come in and out but you see I can't. I need you to do something so that I can leave here truly". Starrk's eyes glow and he bites Darren's neck, though seemily looks like a normal bite, Starrk leaves him with a little 'gift'. "When the time is right return to me". Starrks leaves and fades into darkness.

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