At the Salvatore Boarding House a swarm of zombies were trying break in. The Salvatores and the Gilberts could only keep them out for so long until they figute out how to break in. When a zombie jumped through the window Damon quickly snapped its neck but only stopped it temporairly. It grabbed him and slammed him onto the floor. It was going to bite him until someone threw it off of him. It was Mal-El, when the zombie got back up he telekinetically threw it on the wall and then set it on fire.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!", Damon said.

"A zombie and it seems that their numbers are growing. I placed a barrier several miles wide up keeping every supernatural inside", Mal-El said.

"Zombies? are you serious".

"I'm quite serious, don't underestimate them. One bite and they will kill you, don't drink their blood either it will kill you to".

"So how do we kill them?", Jeremy asked.

"Remove the head, dismember the body, completely destroy the body, or kill the witch that cast the spell", Mal-El explained.

"Their are dozens of them outside we're trapped in", Stefan said.

"Not exactly". Outside Kol, Finn and Julianna are taking out as many zombies as possible. Some were able to get inside the house. Mal-El was grabbed by one and thrown outside. He was able to avoid being bitten due to his speed, strength, and reflexes. Realizing that they were outnumbered Mal-El summoned a bolt of lightning that destroyed a great number of zombies, the rest escaped. Julianna ran inside the house and saw several zombies trying to kill the others. She killed the ones on Stefan, Damon, and Elena. When she reached Jeremy he already killed his by cutting off its head.

"What?", Jeremy said to Julianna who looked confused.

"Mal!, get in here", she said. Mal-El ran inside to see what has happened. "Look his shoulder". Jeremy turned his head and noticed a bite mark.

"It seems we have a problem", Mal said.


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