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The Witch
  • 3rd Century
  • Alive (Resurrected)
  • Nameless Witch, Witch without a name, and the Dark Witch
  • Witch (Currently)
  • Zombie (Formerly) (Lloyd's Timeline)
  • Male
Family members
Significant spells Turning Lloyd into a Zombie, and Later a Corrected Zombie
A spell that switch places Lloyd's spirit in Wayne's body, and vice versa upon Lloyd's death
Turning Anna into an Original Zombie-Human Hybrid
Running water, and Original weakness for Corrected Zombies, and Original Zombie Hybrids
Significant kills
  • Wayne Thyme
Cause of death
  • Zombie Bite (As a witch)
Killed by

  • Lloyd Thyme (As a witch)
Played by
Episode Count
First seen
Last seen

This character was created by Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson. The unnamed Witch is extremely powerful witch, and the creator of Zombification. She is a descendant of Lloyd Thyme, and was his first sire.

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