• 20th Century
  • Unknown
  • Deceased (Found Peace)

  • Male
Family members
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed siblings

Cause of death
  • Unknown (as a human)
  • Heart Extract (as a vampire)
Killed by
Played by
Episode Count
  • 3
First seen
Last seen

Tomas was a vampire who served as a loyal informant to Marcel.

The Original SeriesEdit

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, a month after Klaus and Elijah exiled Marcel from the French Quarter, Tomas met up with Marcel on the roof where he watched over Davina Claire. Tomas sees he's having problems with his witch friend and then asks him why Marcel wanted to meet. Marcel tells him, he came to meet with him to get him and some of his guys who walked out of Klaus to join him to form a little army while everyone is picking up sides and tells him a war is brewing. Marcel then asks if he's with him, in which Tomas accepted. The next night, Tomas meets with Marcel again and promised that he will stand by him to reclaim their city from the Mikaelson Family. Everything to gain and nothing to lose, Marcel instructs Tomas to gather allies in the city to stand against the Originals, but Tomas also mentioned to him that the vampires who left with Thierry, Katie, and Tina, have left New Orleans and all settled in Colorado.

In The Big Uneasy, Tomas talks with Marcel about Klaus and his plans. When Marcel plans to find out what Klaus is hiding and reveal them to Elijah, Tomas doubts that the plan will work as he has no help. Marcel explains how they will easily fall as they are already on the brink of a family feud. Tomas trusted Marcel and hoped that they in getting back their city. Later, Tomas and Marcel try to persuade Diego to join their rebellion, but the former declined and believed that he is on the winning side. After their plan suceeds in disrupting the Witch's festival, Tomas is killed by Elijah as a lesson to Marcel not to disrupt the treaty. He is mourned by Marcel and the newly-joined members of the rebellion, Diego and the other Vampires. Marcel promises that his death will not be in vain and they will retake the city and then burnt Tomas' body.


Little was known about Tomas' personality, but he was seen to be very loyal to Marcel, always helping him out with a task. He, like Thierry and Diego, was shown to be very respective to Marcel.


  • Tomas was one of Marcel's right hand man.
  • Since The Other Side collapsed, Tomas managed to find peace in the Afterlife rather than been sucked into Obilvion.


Season 1

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