Inside the cave to the tomb

Hic jacet alpha de Eliphaz. Sanguinem tantum liberes possit immortalis.

- Inscription on the tomb.

The Tomb of Starrk is the location where the Primordial Starrk is locked away.


3,500 years ago, the Original Coven was able to draw out the Primordial Starrk to this location and challenged him. In their fight they realized that they couldn't kill him and instead they used their rings to seal him away here.

Location & CharacteristicsEdit


Door to the tomb

The location to the tomb is currently unknown but it is located in the northern region of Greece. The tomb is burried under rubble from earthquakes and wars. To access the tomb the visitor(s) will need all four rings part of the In Ulfus Annulos. The actual tomb itself where Starrk lays is between the world of the living and a world known as the In-Between. If one was to somehow enter without the rings then they won't be able free Starrk and will walk inside an empty cave. Inside the visitors will be tormented by their greatest fears. Within the tomb are several chambers that leads to several false locations to where Starrk's body is in. Witches who have found ways to get in have discribed their experience as Hell on earth. The reason being the tomb posses magic that goes inside your head and brings out your worse fears. The Original Coven did this to prevent any attampt to free Starrk.

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