Julianna ran inside Mal-El's house and saw him on the floor. She quickly knocked the Salvatores out the way and helped him up.

"I found her Julianna", Mal-El said.


"Marianne, I'm going after her, now".

"You cant be serious!, you too weak right now you will only get yourself killed!", she screamed at him.

"You know she cant kill me. Besides if I kill her now her zombies will die with her and we can get what we came here for".

"Mal I listeined to you for centuries now its your turn to listein. Do you remember the best way you taught to eliminate a threat?".

"You get someone else to do it for you. I cant let someone else do it, Julianna you either come with me or wait for me".

"If your going to do it now atleast drop the stupid barrier. Who cares if a few humans die?".

"I do, I will care if a few humans die".

"Wait if we kill the witch then her zombies will die as well?", Stefan said.

"Yes", Mal replied.

"Lets go, what are we waiting for?".

"Don't listein to them Mal wait until the next full moon", Julianna asked.

"Julianna I taught you to walk through pain and thats what I'm going to now". Mal-El got everyone together and headed out the door to confront Marianne. "Nightfall is coming, she could be expecting us".

"Dont forget the promise you made me", Kol told Mal before leaving.

"Dont worry, I'm a man of my word".

Rising Anticipation

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