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Wayne Thyme
  • 1994 (21)
  • Born (Zombie-Werewolf)
  • Alive
  • Dead Werewolf, Mutt, Wolf boy, little half-brother, and second-born (By Anna)
  • Hybrid (Zombie, Werewolf)
  • Male
Family members
Significant sires
  • Fang
  • Sarah Wilde
Significant kills
Cause of death
Killed by
Played by
Episode Count
First seen
Last seen

This character was created by Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Wayne Thyme is the son of Corrected Zombie; Wayne Thyme, and an unknown Werewolf. Unlike normal Werewolves; his Werewolf side was activated via birth due to his mixed DNA. He is constantly at odds with his older half-sister Anna. His known for turning Fang his pet from wolf into a Zombie-Wolfwere Hybrid, and thus violated nature by turning a normal wolf into a Wolfwere this is loophole was later corrected.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Wayne is in identical to his father in term of appearance. However he usually wears 80s punk style clothes, and has longer hairs.

Personality Edit

Wayne unlike his father is quick to make decision for the sake of the world, but some of his aspect carried onto him. Such as his cunning nature as well as his; caring, hot-headed, protective, mischievous, and overconfident side.

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