William Netherwood
William Netherwood
Born 1985
Status Immortal
Occupation *Gym owner
  • Alpha of the Netherwood Pack
Alias William
Species Werewolf
Gender Male
Family members *Astra Netherwood (younger sister)
Significant sires Numerous Werewolves
Significant kills 7

Played by Alex Meraz
First seen TBA
Last seen TBA

William Netherwood is a major recuring character on The Omega. He is the alpha of the Netherwood Pack.

In Season 1, William, along with Qiu, found new werewolf Gabriel Mason after his entire family were killed by vampire Markus and his clan. He then brought him into the Netherwood Pack as a new member. William becomes Gabriel's mentor, helping him adjust to being a werewolf.

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