Lucifer had two ancient vampires in his arm, he had two purposes for them guarding him with their life and blood feeding a whole lot. He ordered a martini than turnt around to Amanda, " So my house after this " , A young teen walked in with two human bodies in each hand blood pouring from both of their throats ripped out most likely, " Hmmm who are you? Mr.Reckless " ,Lucifer looked at him deeply the jet black hair and chiseled face along with icey blue eyes and a athletic build but slim could is possibly be the vampire of mass destruction Adam. He shook his head than heard a thud and saw the human bodies mangled both teenagers. " Adam Yaksha i've heard of you " , He looked at Adam with admiration " And I never heard of you Lucifer but hey not here to fight you just murder my half-sister and make it good actually there is a group of Werewolves far more powerful than the originals and you and Silas " ,Lucifer smiled than the door opened and a man came in with dirty blonde hair and chiseled featured face along with a 5'clock shave and two girls both caramel like skin and twins came in than another pair came in 11 people or werewolves stood in the room the leader he supposed turned around and locked the door. The twins and all of them both got down and during a moment of bones cracking two large werewolves stood their the leader cleared his throat, " Kill them humans " , The werewolves ravaged the humans tearing them apart and than stopped when their was nothing left. " Hello, vampires my name is Theseus and this is my pack Hayden White, Dakota Wallace, Jason Lewis, Jace Vladescu, Gemini Roberts, Horus Roberts, Jordan Kyle, Narissa, William & Jesse last but not least Jace Brown we are Werewolves indeed but more stronger each of us have parents that are Primordial Werewolves either father or mother, Our human strain allows us to be more in control and our heritage allows us to be stronger, faster than most werewolves. Narissa deal with all the vampires except this one " ,He nodded toward the two girls. Narissa beared her fangs and her eyes glowed red letting out a little growl, she leaped over 6 tables and than grabbed Lucifer and tossed him. The first girl got up and threw out her hands but Narissa broke off a table leg and than stuck it in the girls chest killing her. The second girl got up and instead of Narissa fighting the twins grabbed her and tore into her neck. " Now, Lucifer this is a message to all vampires " , The pack left leaving a masssacre.

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