Zombies are magically reanimated corpses which are inhabited by the spirits of the deceased person after a failed unknown resurrection spell that instead of bringing the intended victim to life, they became undead. The first known Zombie was Lloyd Thyme, and the Zombification became a virus afterwards. Zombies feed on non-reanimated raw or rotten meat, and flesh.

Creation Edit

A being who has been bitten, but not fed on by a Zombie or Corrected Zombie will die due to their toxic saliva will die and magically revived as an zombie. Animals, Humans, Werewolves, and Witches can all be turned into Zombies, but a Vampire's flesh and blood are poisonous to Zombie, and can greatly weaken them. Unlike Vampires; Zombies don't have sire bonds, and act as defunct brainless beings.

Appearance Edit

Zombies have pale skin, black sclera, and sharp pupils. They maintain the appearance of whatever they were, and their skin turns gray when they a decomposing.

Abilities Edit

Zombie has several abilities which consists of:

  • Enhanced Strength: Zombies are notably stronger, but not as strong as Vampires, or Werewolves. They are capable lifting people off the ground, break sturdy branches, and throw a bowling ball with a single hand.
  • Enhanced Senses: Zombies are capable smelling flesh, and hearing the faintest of sounds that a normal human can't detect.
  • Enhanced Agility: They can jump, run, climb, and react faster than humans.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Zombies can heal by feeding on raw meat, and prevent it from rotting away.
  • Mental Shield: Zombie have 2% brain function, and as such can't be compelled by Vampires, or other mind based abilities.
  • Zombie Bite: After biting a victim; saliva of the zombie will infect the victim, and will kill them within 6 hours and subsequently turn the victim into a Zombie.
  • Immortality: Zombies can only die if they have their brain destroyed
  • Disease Immunity: Zombies are immune to all known diseases excluding Zombification.
  • Pain Immunity: Zombies, and Corrected Zombies are immune to all forms of pain.

Weakness Edit

  • Vampire Flesh and Blood: Vampire flesh and blood are poisonous to Zombies, and can immobilize them for 28 hours.
  • Decomposition: If the Zombie doesn't feed for 36 hours; they'll start decompose, and eventually die.
  • Brain Destruction: Destroying the brain of the Zombie will permanently kill them.
  • Magic: Zombies are affected by Magic, and can even be killed.
  • Zombie Hive Mind: Corrected Zombies are capable of sharing its minds, and allows the Zombies stops their Feral-like mind. However this ability is double-edged sword, and allows the Zombie to be compelled by non-original vampires, and original vampires.
  • Cemeteries and Churches: Zombies cannot enter Cemeteries and Churches.

Known Zombies Edit

  • LLoyd Thyme (First Zombie later became a Corrected Zombie)

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